Thursday, 23 May 2013

Scotia Breeze

Pictured: an unopened can of Scotia Breeze.

Recently one of our volunteers, Elinor Maher, has been expanding upon the Onions to Opera Inglis Street exhibit now showing at the Colchester Historeum. In researching the "Sugar Bowl" restaurant on Inglis Street, Elinor contacted Bill Hay, son of the Sugar Bowl owners Betty and Don 'Bun' Hay. Bill was kind enough to loan us a can of Scotia Breeze, which is what I would like to talk more about.

If you haven't guessed by now the item is a gag gift, meant to both poke fun and instil pride in the Nova Scotia way of life. The directions on the can state "Can't you scent the mixture of Salt Air - Rum - Poverty - and Fresh Cod that is so typical of our Beloved Province?"

We were also fortunate enough to get a copy of the cook book as well. 

The recipe book came out small, but here is the directions for "Fried Scotia Breeze"

Place 1 pt. Scotia Breeze in hot (or cold) pan, cook for five minutes. If contents of pan resemble illustration on right (picture of empty frying pan), it is done. Remove from stove, let stand for 30 minutes. By this time it will be tired, so let it set for 30 minutes. Stick nose over pan. Inhale deeply, not forgetting to exhale also.

I hope to see the can of Scotia Breeze and cook book incorporated into the Inglis Street display. When it came into my office I knew I wanted to share it with our fans. Thank you Bill Hay for this blast from the past, of Scotia Breeze air!

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