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Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia October 18, 2014

On October 18, 2014 Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia spent the evening at the Colchester Historeum. The following is their findings:

Date and Time: October 18 2014 – 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent 23% of full
Weather: Mild and cloudy, +16 C
Location: Colchester Historeum 29 Young Street Truro Nova Scotia
Investigators: Earl Lattie, Darcy O’Neill, Dawn-Leigh Werenka, Amanda Dyke + 16 guests and paranormal fans.

Paranormal History of Area: The Colchester Historeum is a location that Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia has investigated in the past and gotten evidence. The common story told about the building is that a labourer that was working on the exterior of the building was on his scaffolding platform when he saw the face of an elderly woman looking out of the archive window. Startled, he went inside the building and up to archives only to find not only nobody present, but the windows were papered over on the inside. There was no way he could have seen anybody looking out at him. A previous curator of the historeum was constantly losing scissors in the building, and was also firmly convinced that the building was haunted.

Baseline Temperature:  The ambient room temperature varied between each floor, which is to be expected (cooler in the basement, quite warm in the attic.) Several people mentioned walking through cold spots, and the sensation of a cold draft passing by them.

Baseline EM Readings:  While baseline EM readings were quite low, each group throughout the night experienced spikes in the EM field. These readings registered on both the K2 meters as well as the MEL meter. Many of the strongest readings were registered around historic items and artifacts, none of which would be emitting a power source. The highest readings of the night were registered in the attic meeting room.
Camera Evidence: No anomalies were caught on camera.
Video Evidence: No anomalies were caught on night vision or full spectrum video camera.
EVP – Ghost Box: Relevant answers and names were recorded during EVP and spirit box sessions, including the same voices and names that we recorded during our first investigation at the Colchester Historeum in 2013. On several occasions our K2 meters were showing high readings as the responses were being recorded. 

Laser Grid Evidence:  Several guests reported seeing something moving through the beams of the grid, showing movement. A group also reported seeing weird lights near the windows that the workman reported seeing the older woman looking out at him. I and other members of my team have seen something similar to this at a location we investigate in Hants County.

Investigator/Guest Evidence: Throughout the evening guests that were working with the members of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia reported a lot of activity in meeting room on the top floor as well as in archives. Several guests had the sensation of something touching them or moving through them during the investigation, as well as noticing physical objects moving on their own. On two separate occasions a picture and a bassinet/carriage moved on their own in front of witnesses who swore nobody was touching the objects at the time. 

The laser grid was set up to shine its beams across the length of the archives, with particular attention to the windows that the worker saw someone looking out at him from. Movement and odd lights were reported by guests watching the grid, and roughly at the same time one of my investigators saw what she reported as a shadow figure moving through the basement, in the area where the wood working equipment is stored.

We greatly enjoyed our second investigation of the building, and are looking forward to continuing with find raising events with museum staff in the future. All of the feedback that I have gotten from the people who participated has been positive, with many glowing comments about the event and the building itself. Several people who attended the event have messaged me asking how to get involved with Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia as well as where to buy gear of their own.

Thank you to the curator and staff at the museum for once again being so eager to host us, it is an event that we look forward to eagerly each year. Thank you also to the great crowd that showed up to investigate with us, it was amazing to meet everyone and to share this fascinating hobby with members of the public. 

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